BEING the best is not so important, DOING the best is all that matters. - Archana Padhy

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  •   2023, 03 Mar

BEING the best is not so important, DOING the best is all that matters. - Archana Padhy

Are you happy?

Obviously not, kal boards hai, am damn scared!

Are you excited?

Obviously not, kal boards hai, am nervous!

These two questions, though far from anything asked in board exams, HOLDS THE KEY TO UNLOCK YOUR BEST POSSIBILITIES

WITH just more than 12 hours to go, to the strike of the first bell

A light year looooooooooooooong read ahead, perhaps shall waste some of your time (but not as much as " Zinda Jalaa do mujhe agar 70/70, 80/80 nahi aaya toh " YouTube videos, " Last minute Revision Packages " to name a few!)

1: It is important to WORK, work as if your pants are on fire towards your goal and target and give EVERYTHING YOU HAVE GOT. (You know this cliçhe fact already)

What you don't know:

Board Exams are here just to make you convinced of this fact and render it unforgettable, convert it from a fact to a living reality: I CAN LEARN ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING WHEN I PUT IN THE EFFORT

It's this valuable lesson your boards preparation (Education) has and shall continue to teach you!

2: How am I not supposed to freak out, it’s our first board exam!

Just by recognising the long term gains

Let’s take a time leap: 5 years into the future, what would you remember about your board exams? (If at all you do :))

Your hall ticket number?

Your marks in each subject?


This MAGNANIMOUS, HUGE EFFORTS which you put for the exams, friends you approached for help and of course these moments of fear and uncertainty?


Freaking out for what if I do not score at least 50/70 now is pointless as it’s not going to stay, RATHER fill your days and memories with your struggles, efforts and micro-success stories: I put efforts and I NOW know that if I put efforts I shall accomplish anything I Want

Cherish the efforts because results fade, efforts do not, struggles do not!

3: You should be happy because you have been gifted literally "once in a lifetime" chance to know you can handle any emotionally intense challenge, with people/system around you waiting to pronounce their judgment of your calibre/worth because you are just going to experience the same hostile challenges at different levels throughout your Life in the future At University, At Office and at Home as well, isn’t now the best time to start facing this and get ready?

4: Your brain is Hungry to learn and the exciting thing is that You ARE ABOUT TO ENTER A STAGE OF YOUR LIFE WHERE YOU & ONLY YOU get to decide WHAT TO FEED IT

So it’s Happy & Excited

Scared & Nervous

5: We are always at your back, looking out for you in this First Step into the Big Bad World moment

Know that within each of you is EVERYTHING you need to set World on Fire (please, not literally!)

You will realise it eventually, but it IS there- I promise you

PS: Adhere to the CBSE exam guidelines especially making sure of the ID cards and Admit card's presence with you always (they are your bae's, not to forget sleep of 6 hrs, a healthy breakfast and a hug/affectionate gesture from your parents before leaving to the exam centre, it’s a big moment for them as well)

Especially for English, DO NOT waste 15 min reading time in giving the comprehension passages a thorough read, read only the questions instead, adhere to the word limit and the GOLDEN formats!

We sincerely wish each of you to put efforts which you are proud of throughout your Life and REALISE that you have the incredible power to shape the Life as YOU WANT it

Boards come Boards Go

Nearly 2.5 lakh students scoring 90%+ marks come every year & they go to the photo frame/banners of the schools but eventually they go to oblivion

Amongst these Very few realise if they put in right efforts, they shall learn and face any challenge

These few people come

But they don't go

They stay

They make history!

All the Best!

Lots of Love


(From those who have been behind you, supporting you since two years and shall unconditionally do so forever)