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Inter School Talent Search Entrance cum Scholarship Test

History of Vrddhi:Inter-School Talent Search Exam

Vrddhi is an Inter-school Talent search Examination conducted by Arjunaa Academy For Achievers (AAA) since 2012 in the name of Young Ramanujan Inter school contest. Young Ramanujan Inter school contest was renamed as Vrddhi, which symbolizes Prosperity, Development or Improvement in the career of a child.

Objectives and Student’s Benefits of Vrdhhi
Objectives of vrddhi

The normal tendency of the Parents' & Students' is to be happy being a "BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND". Vrddhi helps in giving Students' a true reflection as to where they stand in this competitive world. Vrddhi also helps in Inspiring Students' to become competent which would help them to develop in all facets of life.

The Objectives of Vrddhi are:

  • To create awareness about the competitive exams and the benefits of taking up these exams.
  • To Educate the Students' & the Parents' about the scholarship competitive exams which would be beneficial for the future of the Students.
  • To provide new opportunities to the Students' by understanding the Strengths' by career guidance and career mapping.
  • To instill confidence & improve on the competency level of the students
Vrddhi Format

Vrddhi is an objective based Examination consisting of 35 questions and the duration of the Exam is 1 hour.

Subjects Involved:

  • Mental Ability Test
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
What Parents say...

Arjuna Academy for Achievers is doing a great job in coaching your mind. The teachers are highly qualified, dedicated, and work hard to help the students understand the basics. The class homework, student materials, and assignments are excellent. as they are conducting the classes in the same school where my son Nandish pai studies, I am very happy that he does not has to travel to the coaching center. It saves his time and we, parent feel safe about our child.


The Interaction Between Teacher and children is very convincing. it has helped to Bring up the Interests of the Child and motivate Hime To Achieve His Goal. AAA Has Played an Important Role in our child's LIfe in shaping his future.


My daughter was not planning to join any coaching class 9 as she had been pretty comfortable studying on her own. only because it started as an after school class within the school premises, we thought of exploring it and I'm happy that it worked out well for her. AAA provided her with a lot of practice materials. Also, all the practice worksheets which were done as homework were corrected and alterative or easier solution, missing steps, etc. were given and mentioned in her solution sheet i.e all the problems were corrected thoroughly making sure that the children followed all the steps. Also, whenever she missed any class, upon request, the concerned teacher used to take extra hours after class even if it is for just 1or 2 students. I'm very happy that AAA helped my daughter with her studies significantly. Thanks to all the faculty at AAA.

Rewards ( Subjects Involved )
  • Best school of each streams in the zone would be presented with a Rolling Trophy.
  • The School Toppers would receive Medals.
  • The Zonal Toppers would receive a Trophy.
  • All the Participants would receive a participation certificate.
Vrdhhi Prize Distribution Program
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