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Hareesh P. K.

B-Tech, E&C, NITK Surathkal Patent Holder of US Patent No: US9977454B1

The word “Education” comes from the Latin word, ‘educare’, which means to bring out the divinity from within. Intellectual education influences the head and value-based education influences the heart. For a progressive society, we need both of these. We all have heard the saying; children of today are citizens of tomorrow. Teachers play a crucial role in bringing out the best in the children, both in terms of competence and character & thereby in the overall progress of the nation.

At AAA, we are committed to provide cost-effective world class education in order to create professionally superior manpower and to instill within students deep foundational values of good character to bring out Principle-Centered Leaders in the society. For us, education is a sacred service that one could render to the society and not a mere business.

A common problem any faculty experiences while teaching to set of variegated children is to satisfy the needs of both the quick learners & the rest of the crowd. If the concepts are taught at a basic level, the quick learners feel bored & if the concepts are taught at an advanced level, the slow learners feel very difficult to comprehend.

In either of the cases, the children lose confidence & interest towards their academics & often get discouraged and perform way below their potential.

The unique teaching methodology at AAA caters to student at every level & helps to take them to the next level. AAA’s customized training methodology includes additional doubt clarification sessions both online & offline, online video solutions for every problem of our material.

“Personal attention is the culture” at AAA. “Child’s dream becomes our commitment” & to facilitate young aspirants to shape and make their dream come true through high quality teaching, exemplary conduct, commitment, personal attention & care is how we define the success within our academy. At AAA, “We train students like professionals, care for them like parents.”

CEO & Founder

Managing Director


(B. Tech, M.B.A)

There are plenty of Institutes that train Students for IIT/NEET/KVPY in Bangalore as of today. After extensive research, we have observed that most Institutes Impart Theoretical Knowledge to the Students, but very little exposure is given to the students on Problem Solving. At Arjunaa Academy for Achievers(AAA), we Impart Deep Understanding of the Concepts to the Students and also solve problems of various levels and various types so that Students are exposed to all kinds of Problems that appear in the Competitive Exams.

Another unique feature of AAA is that we provide Video Solutions to every Question/Problem of our Module. Usually, many Institutes provides Tabs to the Students where printed Solutions for their material is uploaded. However, the drawback with the Written Solutions is that not all Students understand how the Teacher arrived at a Particular Step.

Video Solutions on the other hand gives Students the Insight as to where they usually go wrong and also exposes them to solve the same problem in various ways providing different perspectives to the same problem. Another Unique Feature at AAA is that we provide Video Solutions for Every Test unlike other Institutes who provide Answer Keys for the Test. In short, at AAA we believe in constantly innovating & improvising to better the Students’ performance.

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