Dear JEE Aspirants: JEEndagi Nahi Milegi Dobara

  •   2023, 27 Jan

Dear JEE Aspirants: JEEndagi Nahi Milegi Dobara

Your last chance to redeem mistakes, shortcomings and disappointment from the first session and achieve/seize your NIT prospects is here: JEE Session 2 starts from tomorrow.

For 99%ilers there is added pressure of staying at the top, do not let your %ile drop by much (as in 0.2%ile),your correct/attempt ratio should be close to 0.8

For 90%ilers there is a huge opportunity to scale up to 95%ile as *the paper benchmarking shall be exactly same as the first session*, you know the topics, you know the style, all that has to be done is to execute your winning move with a smile.

Stay wary of negatives

Less attempts>>>>more negatives ALWAYS, 1 mark loss is equivalent to a 0.5%ile slip which shall translate to a difference of 200 ranks.

Here we come to the point that really matters: After thorough assessment of June JEE papers, you are only as good and as amazing you can be on the exam day, make sure your health, morale, excitement is at the optimum level on the J-Day

All the best!

JEEndagi literally nahi milegi dobara

Ho JEEt Hamari

*Dear NEET Aspirants*

Tomorrow is the day you have been waiting for so long, to walk the last mile between you and you’re much loved and much desired medical career.

*Neat Hacks*

*Take minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep today*, your brain needs to be at its finest performance level tomorrow and optimum sleep is something which will support your brain towards this.

*Take a healthy breakfast tomorrow before the exam* and before going to the exam centre spare 5 minutes and *engage in a positive self-talk and visualisation*

" _*I am very excited*,I will not allow panic or stress to affect my productivity and result of two-year long efforts I have put into seeing this day._

_The questions shall be based only on the concepts I have studied and *I shall perfectly judge whether to attempt a question or not in the first reading*._

_If I do not get how to proceed for a question, nobody in India who have prepared sincerely for the exam will be able to solve it, I am relaxed"._

*Carry all the documents mentioned in the admit card* and *DO NOT CARRY* any of the forbidden items, *follow the dress code suggested*

Reach the exam centre well in advance, avoiding any traffic hassles

After reaching the exam centre, revise keynotes and formulae (if you have recorded your mistakes here in mock tests and exams over the years that would be fantastic)

If you are a chocolate lover, tomorrow is the time to love it more: 15 mins before entering the exam hall, eating a bar of chocolate would help keep an optimum glucose level throughout the span of 3 hours

Take enough care in bubbling OMR and also bookmark questions on the question paper (for revisiting),*the ideal paper attempt order which has worked for many is Biology, Physics and Chemistry*, DO NOT fall into the trap of "I know this concept, I have practiced enough questions on this topic, I WILL crack this question,*COME WHAT MAY*", this ego might crumble your Govt Medical college dreams to dust.

*Take a minute break after 1½ hrs of exam commencement*, this break shall revitalize you and get rid of tiredness and lethargy you might have developed during that interval

Most importantly,*before the start visualise your support system (parents, teachers and mentors) around you*,who have been guiding and supporting you in this very challenging journey of two years.*Visualise how the entire exam would go especially your happy and smiling face coming out of the exam hall before the start, satisfied with your performance* Wishing you the best towards getting a score more than what your sincere, dedicated efforts deserve

All the Best!

*Dear JEE Main Aspirants*

The Main Mania shall begin from tomorrow, hope you have taken a clear print out of your admit card and verified credentials like Name, Paper, Date of Birth, Gender, Test Centre, City, State Code of Eligibility and Category on your JEE Main Admit card.

Your chance to grab a ticket to the best engineering colleges of the country is here, the one which shall hone your skills, make you a competent professional in the respective domains.

Few pointers:

70% of questions which would be around 20 questions each in PCM shall be doable if you have sincerely prepared from PYQ database of Main and Advanced.

10 questions shall be challenging, if you encounter them *skip them* and move ahead to easy questions

Whenever you are drained out or tensed, you can go heads down for 2-5 mins, it gives the much needed break from the exam hall tension

*General Exam Hall Guidelines :( MUST)*

No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination premises after gate closing time. Thus, *candidates must make sure to reach the exam centre beforehand*.(The premises shall be open 2 hrs in advance)

Every candidate shall carry JEE Main 2022 admit card along with *ORIGINAL valid photo identity proof*.(PAN Card, Driving Licence, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhaar Card with Photograph, E-Aadhar, Ration Card, Aadhaar Enrollment Number with Photo)

Candidates shall fill the self-declaration form and with the necessary details before reaching the JEE Mains 2022 exam centres, you should also carry one additional photograph with you for attendance sheet

Transparent Ball Point Pen and transparent water bottle are only allowed under the respective categories

Scribble paper for working will be provided by the examination centre. Thus, candidates *shall not carry any paper with them.*

The list of prohibited items include metallic rings, goggles, bracelets, watches and ALL electronic devices

*Under any circumstance aim to attempt at least 50% of the paper accurately* All the best SirJEEs and MadamJEEs!

*Uncommon Tips for the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET)*

Revise MCQs which you have practiced *very well* in early morning especially from Calculus and Trigonometry in Math, Current Electricity and Electrostatics, Modern Physics in Physics and Organic Chemistry

Let OMR bubbling not burst your bubble of hopes and expectations,*as and when* you solve a question shade the bubble carefully (YOU WON'T GET TIME TO CHECK YOUR RESPONSES LATER)

This paper attempt strategy has worked with a statistically significant number of students: Attempt *odd numbered questions first* AND ONLY then the even numbered, this way accuracy and speed both shall be taken care of ( min 30 questions shall get your best attention/focus also KCET examiners usually shuffles easy/difficult questions in this order)

4:After taking care of dress code, hall ticket and ID proof, take care of your nerves: whenever you feel questions are not going your way (Odd and Then Even) *take a minute break*,drink water (which has to be in a transparent bottle by the way) and then proceed

May your experience of CET

Be more satisfying than a cup of Tea

Or more thrilling than riding on a steep slope of a plot v-t

(Okay I shouldn't have told that one!)

All the best to the future Engineers, Agriculture Scientists, Pharmacists and Doctors reading this, may KCET fetch you a *ticket to live your dream profession* and *make a meaningful contribution to the Nation*

*Vijayi Bhava Sarvada*

PS: *Remove shoes from your feet AND ego from your minds outside the exam hall* ,you are there to score maximum not to prove that you are an expert in a topic, no matter how many ever questions you have worked with from that topic during study/practice/mock test sessions.

*FAQs and Answers regarding KCET-2022 exam*

Principal sign is required on the Admit card?

*No, Principal sign is not required on Admit card*

Color print or B/W copy of CET Admit card?

*Both are accepted and are valid*

Any mandatory documents *to be carried along with KCET admit card*?

Yes,*original* ID proof, any one of *Voter ID, PAN card, Aadhar card or even 2nd PU Hall Ticket* remember *it’s the original ID proof* that has to be taken along with KCET Admit card

OMR marking in pencil?

*No, black/blue ball point pen ONLY*

Dress code

*Full shirt not allowed*

*Jewellery, wrist watch/metallic items not allowed*

*Shoes not allowed (you have to remove them outside exam hall)*

Slippers are allowed inside the exam hall

Document verification

*It is going to be offline, dates shall be intimated by KEA soon*

*Some insights to address confusion about Board vs KCET weightage in determining your Rank*

Previous 10 year statistics suggests very clearly that:

If you score 270/300 in PCM (PU Board exams) and manage to get 90-95/180 in KCET then rest assured you shall get a rank within 5k in the State

*270 in Boards and 90 in CET=5k*

*295+ in Boards and 145+ in CET=Within Top 500 ranks*

*290+ in Boards and 120+ in CET=between 500-1500 ranks*

*Keep calm and prepare selected high weightage chapters for 40+ in each subject*

All the Best!

*Dear Arjunaa*

These guidelines shall enable you to go through the exams comfortably:

*Time*: Be seated in the exam hall *at least half an hour* before the scheduled start time (DO NOT TRUST BANGALORE TRAFFIC IN THIS REGARD)

Attire: Regular dress – but no sleeveless. The pullover is alright but no shrugs or jackets are allowed.

Go to the restroom before entering the hall.

Bags will have to be kept outside the classrooms.

*Do not carry pouches, valuables, mobiles, cash, gold, etc. into the exam hall*

For 2nd PUC, *seating arrangement are known to change every day*– check the Notice Board.

*Hall tickets & ID card are compulsory.*

Adhere to the instructions given by the *invigilator* (Invigilator and squads are God, hope you understand!)

Check your *vicinity for any bits of paper* and bring it to the notice of the invigilator.

*Use Ball Point pens only (black/blue) for answering.*

Change of pen to be brought to the notice of the invigilator and to get their signature on the answer script.

Fill in all the details in the answer booklet legibly.

Only Hall Ticket Number to be written on the question paper.


Write the question nos. correctly.

*Follow the order.* Do not jumble with questions sections (between sections A, B, C etc.)

*Do not write incomplete answers & then the remaining part on the last page.*

Attempt extra questions at the end.

Leave one or two lines after every answer.

*Make it a habit to draw lines after every answer.*

*Highlight the key points in your answer with a pen.*

Avoid writing in pen on question paper


Diagrams in pencil.

Labelling in capital letters.

For derivations – draw the diagram and then explain.

Write equations & formulas in pen only.

*Answer for problems to be enclosed in a box.*

For statement problems – write the statement, proof, and conclusion legibly.


Draw diagrams wherever necessary.

Labelling in capitals with a pencil (only on the right-hand side)

Be specific with spellings for one-word answers.

Five mark questions will always be based on diagrams.


For long answers – write an introduction, description, and conclusion.

Grammar – copy the question and write the answer.

Fill up the blanks – copy the entire statement, fill in the answer and underline.

Match the following – copy the A side and write the relevant answer on the B side.

*Avoid over-writing and maintain neatness.*

Throughout the year, recall all classroom discussions, the interactions you have had with the faculty team (our appreciations and scolding’s!)

The evaluation of PUC answer script gives credit to your *sincere* efforts in your answer, try your best in answering each question in detail

*Your Parents’, well-wishers’ and Teachers' best wishes with you to not lose senses to anxiety and nervousness and come out of the exam hall with the smile of a winner: the one who is satisfied with the results he/sge deserves for the efforts invested*

*Sarvam Sambhavyate Tvayi*

-You can do anything

*All the best*

*Living the B-Day:Before & After*

*Avoid the perfectionist trap*

Don't expect to be perfect. We all make mistakes and that's okay. *Knowing you've done your best and worked hard is really all that matters, not perfection.*

*Surround yourself with positive people; Who you spend your time with matters a lot, so try to stay away from opinionated and negative people; their words should not bother you.*

*Practice as per the clock: Watch your pace during exams, go first for what’s important and you know well. This way you can save a lot of time, investing it wisely on important questions, and increasing productivity.*

*You want to eat healthy, with a nice mix of good carbs, proteins and fats* *Best to avoid taking on too much caffeine as well.*

*Drink plenty of water for optimal brain function.*

*One of the most effective ways to prepare for an exam is by actually engineering an exam for yourself. Go through all of your materials (textbooks, notes, ancillary materials) and look for possible questions. Imagine that you are the cruellest and most sadistic examiner to have lived. Then take that test. It will certainly give you an idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie*

We would wish each of you good health, healthy confidence and some "presence of mind" throughout your board exams!

It’s not about who you are but what you can be: always a better person

Staying calm isn’t practical but winning calm from the clutches of anxiety is: all you have to do is write "RELAX" on your answer scripts at the back and drink a sip of water, again all the very best for your *confidence boosting experience in Life set to begin from tomorrow*

*Your Everyday Yoga Story*

You do yoga during studies.

Step 1: Sit with a book on the bed. Feel comfortable; adjust your posture if required. Take deep breaths.

Step 2: Slowly extend your legs, scratch your stomach; curse your teacher and university for introducing such a subject.

Step 3: Lie down completely, let the book rest on the pillow and you rest on the bed. If anybody complains that you are not studying, show them the book; stare at the book till they leave the room.

Step 4: Closing the eyelids feels like heaven. Try it. A few seconds later, a dog barks and wakes you up. Curse the dog; resume staring at the book for few more minutes.

Step 5: Realize that closing the eyelids was not a bad idea at all. Postpone study time by an hour to round-off. Close your eye lids again to doze off.

*Perfect utilisation of study hours isn't it?*

Jokes apart, there is a huge difference between a *comfortable position and a cozy position.*

*One will let you study;* the other will encourage you to sleep.

The body’s habit when lying down is to relax and sleep. Why should we fight that tendency? *In addition, lying down promotes passive reading and it is hard to take notes or type while lying down.*

So, students who study lying down are playing a less active role in their learning than those who study sitting up.

*Sit on a stiff chair and never on the bed or sofa. Don’t let the angle of view strain your eyes.*

*Studying on a bed shall bomb your aspirations dead leaving your future bleeding red*

*So don't be a Yog-Anand while studying*