Latest Update About JEE NEET

Latest Update about JEE and NEET
  •   2022, 02 Nov

Latest Update About JEE NEET

The Possible Merger of JEE & NEET

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) formerly known as The All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is the prerequisite exam for the MBBS and BDS programs in Indian medical and dental institutes conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

While The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a test administered to applicants for engineering admission to different Indian engineering institutes. It is comprised of the JEE-Main and the JEE-Advanced, two separate exams.

The UGC (Higher Education Regulatory Body of India) has established a committee to look into the possibility to merge the two exams as a common examination. Mr. Jagadesh Kumar, head of the UGC, claims that combining JEE Main and NEET with CUET will lighten the load on students and is consistent with the National Education Policy of having one admission exam for the entire country.

Since the merger requires a lot of time and there isn't enough time for such a significant leap in the current academic year, it is unlikely to occur for the next 2 years.

The real question is, is the merger going to prove to be in favor of the students? Here are a few pros & cons to help you decide:




Bring Ease to the Students

According to statistics, the majority of students take at least two of the three tests (NEET, JEE, and CUET). Consequently, a combined exam will lessen their preparation and appearance stress. This choice is made simpler and more to the students' advantage because there are common subjects present as well.


Wider Admission Opportunities

Students can enroll in medical, engineering, mathematics, the arts, business administration, and other programs with their CUET scores. This will address the issue of overlap in important national admission tests.


3. Be prepared with all the formulas and theorems

You will be able to do your calculations more quickly if you have the capacity to retain all formulas and theorems that have been taught. Not only will that, but using more than one formula to solve the given problem help you double-check your answers.


4. Scientific Notations

Once a number between 1 and 10 has been multiplied by a power of 10, it is then expressed in scientific notation. There will be instances where you come across extremely large numbers. In this case you can break down calculations into easier and simpler steps. For example – 42,000,000 = 4.2 x 107


Logistically Easier

Dates, exam locations, and other logistical issues won't be up to the students who want to appear for multiple examinations to control.




Learning Gap Increases

The lack of knowledge and difficulty adjusting to the new format may hurt the chances of students


Differences in the Syllabus and Difficulty Level

There is a significant difference in the exam curriculum and paper pattern in the two exams. Despite having a few common subjects, their level of difficulty varies to a great extent. This will give an unfair advantage to a few students


Private Universities

The increase in competition in case of a joint examination will in turn increase the demand for admissions in private organizations which generally charge a high fee.


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