Basic Tips to Help Improve Your Mental Math Ability

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  •   2022, 26 Oct

Basic Tips to Help Improve Your Mental Math Ability

Calculators undoubtedly make life easier, but most competitive examinations such as JEE & NEET do not permit their use. Therefore, in order to save time, it is essential to increase your mental math calculation speed.

You might be amazed at how simple seemingly complex calculations are using these tips:


1. The left to right rule

It’s time to keep aside your fundamental right to left additions and subtractions you learnt in school, they are useful for written calculations. It is best to move from left to right when completing mental calculations starting with the largest values moving downwards. This trick might seem simple but can accelerate the speed at which you solve easy calculations. For example – to calculate 98 + 32, start by adding the first column (90 + 30) and then the second (8+2) giving you an easier calculation 120 + 10 = 130.


2. Tables! Tables! Tables!

Your teachers have been stressing the value of learning multiplication tables since you were in preschool through college. It is a crucial component of mental math and definitely shouldn't be overlooked. A minimum of 1–30 tables, upto 30 squares and 20 cubes should be learned. Your ability to calculate quickly will exponentially increase as a result.


3. Be prepared with all the formulas and theorems

You will be able to do your calculations more quickly if you have the capacity to retain all formulas and theorems that have been taught. Not only will that, but using more than one formula to solve the given problem help you double-check your answers.


4. Scientific Notations

Once a number between 1 and 10 has been multiplied by a power of 10, it is then expressed in scientific notation. There will be instances where you come across extremely large numbers. In this case you can break down calculations into easier and simpler steps. For example – 42,000,000 = 4.2 x 107


5. Speed Tests

To make your mental math practice fun, you can online speed tests regularly to increase your speed and accuracy. You'll be able to answer problems more rapidly if you work with numbers more frequently.

Apart from these tips, the most important factor in determining your success in solving math equations is practice.
Best of luck!


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