Understanding Raman Effect

  •   2023, 03 Mar

Understanding Raman Effect

Dear Aspirants

We are all science students!

Are we really?

Being enrolled in a science program (PCMB/CS) is totally different from doing science, thinking about things in DAILY LIFE with a scientific mindset/approach (Note DAILY LIFE in caps)

Science is more of a verb than a noun,Science is Action and today we commemorate the life of a legend who lived Science and continues to stay alive in billions of scientific spirits across the nation: Sir CV Raman's discovery of Raman effect,which was driven by the question "Why does the waters of Mediterranean sea and the icebergs there appear bluish in color?"

Raman effect is currently used in diagnosis of deadly diseases as well as deducing structure of a molecule/protein (yes MOST of the organic chemistry)

Take a leaf from Sir CV Raman's book and do science:

Stay Curious

Encourage Curiosity

Cultivate Curiosity

(Not the attitude of "this is a 3 mark question,so write 3 points": though this might fetch you 100% on report card,you may not be able to leave an impact on 100% lives through the ways of science, which stays longer on the planet than the report card itself)

Search the answer for your question being as stubborn as possible (funds/no funds, availability of equipments, institutes etc should not matter)

Ofcourse Publish your findings (CV Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his findings, to mention the least),your findings somewhere shall have a profound impact on humanity as a whole (positive impact, preferably!)

At the very least today,you can begin scientific inquiry by reading about Raman effect and watching World Science Festival/Royal Institute Lectures videos

Be Science,Do Science

Happy National Science Day 2023 folks!