NEW Year & a Very OLD Problem

  •   2023, 27 Jan

NEW Year & a Very OLD Problem

Celebrations aside, let us address a very pertinent and critical issue many of you are going through (consciously/sub-consciously)

Fear of forgetting formulae/Fear of underperforming in the Exams due to memory retention issue As always, logic is the best, time tested and most effective weapon to solve strategic issues.

Let’s have a look from a purely logical perspective. You have two options right now:

Study against your fear and work on it even though you might forget.

Not study because you will not remember it anyway

Option #1 Consequences: You will definitely remember some things MAYBE even everything.

The chances of you not remembering anything are pretty slim, and these chances diminish even more the more efforts you put in recalling and retention while you study.

Option #2 Consequences You will definitely not remember anything if you do not study. There is NO WAY TO REMEMBER SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT BOTHERED TO STUDY/LEARN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Do you remember diffeomorphism invariance of gravitational fields?

Of course not, because you haven't studied about it!

Even though you might be afraid of not remembering anything, Option 2 is definitely worse! (And sadly there is NO Option 3)

Going further with this argument as basis shouldn’t you try to get as close as possible even though your fear of underperforming/forgetting exists, to maximize your chances of success?

Let’s say you cannot get rid of this fear, should that really change anything in your approach, hijack your subconscious beliefs and break you from within as a person?

NO, absolutely NOT

Even with this fear monster lurking, focus on learning and studying as much as you can, because not doing so will ENSURE YOU NOT DOING WELL IN your exams

Mathematical probability=>100%

As it might happen, you might not remember anything at all on the exam day.

So what?

You will never know unless you try it by mimicking the actual exam as many times as possible (rehearsals) by giving mock tests and sample papers.

From whatever I have blabbered so far, it is transparent that your fear/phobia becomes totally obsolete because it does not change anything at all.

Be afraid=>Go Ahead=>Be Afraid=>Go Ahead

ACKNOWLEDGE that you are afraid, ACKNOWLEDGE that you might not remember anything

And ACKNOWLEDGE that this fear CONCERNS you.

Then STUDY ANYWAY BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST OPTION (backed by neuroscience, Mathematics and the enemy of Fear: Common Sense)

Courage and common sense isn't the absence of fear, it is the mastery over fear Master the Fear, Conquer 2023 and the Life ahead!

Wishing the scared, anxious you to DO, BELIEVE & BECOME a braver, smarter and stronger version of your present self, Happy 2023!

If you have kept up with this long post, kudos to your patience levels and thanks for your time.