Dear Aspirants in Fear Inside, Failure Avoidance (FIFA) Mode

  •   2023, 26 Jan

Dear Aspirants in Fear Inside, Failure Avoidance (FIFA) Mode

ONLY 50% syllabus has been revised, I am highly tensed and anxious for the preboard tomorrow, I will fail, won't I?

I know the concepts but I am not confident about answering the questions, is it worth giving the preboard now?

I am facing formula retention issues, I am sure I am going to mess it up tomorrow

These must be the inner fears and thoughts in most of you right now, and you are not alone

Remember, Sahodaya exams provide you with an almost perfect opportunity (unseen questions, new words, out of syllabus questions etc.) for self-assessment:

If it’s a too conceptual paper, am I good enough to handle?

If it’s too lengthy paper, is my question selection and reading/writing speed good enough to maintain time constraints?

Am I good enough in handling exam hall anxiety syndrome, have I learnt to manage panic reasonably well? If not how to do it better for the board exams?

It is well established that " We always feel inadequate and underprepared while facing a challenge ": even the greatest of the sportsmen, scientists and surgeons aren't an exception!

This has been wired into us by Nature, in fact this inadequacy and fear has always brought the best in us, taught us to improvise and adapt to tough situations over millennia, it is our secret of survival and success as a species on this planet

Look at the bright side:

At least now you feel that you know the concepts (that’s 50% of the task)

With planned exposure to the right and relevant variety of questions you can accomplish the rest 50%!

This can happen ONLY if you smartly set the goal as "LEARNING & ASSESSING” than "scoring 60+/70"

Learning and Assessing shall take you towards better Boards marks

But "pressure of good marks" shall only lead to "failure and underperformance in Sahodaya"

I hope it’s clear to each of you that its Mission Boards that really matters

“DO NOT let Fear of Failure in Pre-Boards NOW to lead you towards quitting the challenge and ultimately towards greater chances of Failure in the Boards LATER”

14 chapters, vast content and concepts, and nearly 800+ PYQs (with 25+ derivations and nearly 55+ formulae), definitely not an easy task!

Maybe not achieved completely now

But you have 20+ days to review your strategy, strengthen your strengths, patch up your weaknesses PROVIDED you assess them NOW

Reminds me of one of the specimen of our ancestor who chose to close his eyes when he saw a lion approaching and ran away into the cave, vowing to never step out, you wouldn't be proud of him would you?

Wishing you a great learning and assessment time tomorrow

Thanks for reading if you have made it so far!

All the best!