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Addressing the Practical Phobia with Few Practical Experiences and Learnings

Author : Chirag S (Pursuing PhD at IISc, Bangalore)

Published on : 26-01-2023

Read on if you are anxious about the External Board Practical Exams (ongoing and upcoming)

  • Practical files/Records to be completed according to the prescribed format, you may present the record as beautifully as possible, and some external examiners are very particular about appearance and especially Index and precautions (if any)

    (This is like fixed deposit scheme, more than 80% of your practical’s marks is ensured by record & project report)

    Ask yourself: all your anxiety and tension worth for only 5+ marks?

    No, isn’t it?

  • Converting Viva to 'Wow'va

    Three possible areas for external's questions:

    A: Any experiment in your practical record, yes that’s his/her choice, highly probable that the experiment you have been allotted to perform on the exam day shall be quizzed

    Pro tip: Observations (tables and graphs) from each experiment should be "very familiar" to you (Memorisation/Tricks/otherwise)

    B: Your investigatory project (if any): The minute details

    C: The Hiroshima/Nagasaki equivalent bomb from an examiner is when they ask you to name a chapter in class XII in which you are very comfortable, so be prepared with couple of chapters of your choice!


No arguments with the external examiners and always underplay, I hope you understand

Even during this ongoing Practical exam, if you could spare minimum of 5-6 hrs for JEE/NEET/Boards you shall certainly be rewarded with better results, this control button in your mind after all!

Be more practical, less emotional

May you manage the Practical exams to the best you can!

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