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Ace JEE, NEET, and Get into Top Colleges with Our Residential Program in Vasanthapura, Bangalore

Are you a student looking to pursue a career in engineering or medicine? If so, then our JEE, NEET Integrated Residential PU CBSE Colleges program in Vasanthapura, Bangalore is the perfect place for you! Our program will help you to prepare for the JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET, and other competitive exams, as well as to get into the best PU and CBSE colleges in Bangalore.

Our program is taught by experienced and qualified teachers who have a proven track record of helping students succeed. We offer a small class size so that we can give each student the individual attention they need. We also offer regular practice tests and mock exams to help you assess your progress and identify any areas where you need extra help.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in engineering or medicine, then our JEE, NEET Integrated Residential PU CBSE Colleges program in Vasanthapura, Bangalore is the perfect place for you. Contact us today to learn more about our program and to schedule a free consultation.

Arjunaa Academy is one of the best Residential PU and CBSE Colleges in Karnataka. Our residential programs are located at Bangalore and Mysore with Integrated CET,JEE,NEET training.

This program is for CBSE Class 11 or 1st PUC. The objective of this program is to train students to excel in their Board examinations (PUC or CBSE 12) & competitive exams like KCET, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced & NEET in a hostel study environment which is most conducive for success.

The biggest advantage is that students can get help from teachers even during the self study hours in the hostel as the teachers stay with them in the same campus.

Arjunaa Vidhyarthinilaya

"Success is a Lifestyle":here is where we,from Arjunaa Academy for Achievers,seek to build it within students.

A place to be,to live and stay for any student who sincerely aspires to get into the elite engineering and medical institutes of the country

Accomodation at Arjunaa Vidhyarthinilaya is an amalgamation of Indian tradition and modern amenities to make students feel at home away from home providing them with the adequate living support and consistent mentorship for learning the skills, constantly practicing these skills under expert supervision These skills are those required to crack toughest enginnering/medical entrance examinations in India namely JEE Advanced,JEE Main & NEET

As we are bound by our Dharma to provide students with the right ambience for their rigorous training,our hostel is located in a calm, peaceful and secure environment making it conducive for the development of "Sound mind in a Sound body" in the resident students

No electronic gadgets (Phones,Tabs,Laptops) can be possessed by a resident student nor are they allowed within the premises,which is ensured by 24*7 strict surveillance & monitoring of their activities.

This is done so that each of the inmate student transforms into the Arjunaa of Mahabharata fame:with his trademark unwavering focus towards attaining his purpose,eliminating all distractions around him.

Following are our different Residential CET, JEE, NEET Integrated PU/CBSE Programs

  1. Vijayanagar(Bangalore) - This is Arjunaa Academy's home branch. At our Vijayanagar Center, we conduct Integrated JEE & NEET Program with both PU & CBSE affiliation and Hostel facility.
  2. Parivarthana PU College (Srirangapattana Mysore) - Here we offer Integrated JEE & NEET Program with PU affiliation and hostel facility

Highlights of Arjunaa Academy's Integrated Residential Program

  1. Class Timings - 8.30 a.m - 4.30p.m
  2. Teacher Assisted Study Hours - 6.30p.m - 9p.m
  3. Hostel Facility with High Quality Vegetarian Food. 
  4. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner will be provided

How to choose top PU colleges for JEE, NEET coaching?:

  • Providing a strong foundation - The courses at PU colleges in Bangalore are generally structured & lays a strong foundation to help students progress to competitive level exam preparation. Arjunaa Academy’s integrated program lays equal emphasis to the board & competitive curriculum. This ensures that students are clear about the requirements for every examination & are gain confidence to solve competitive questions as their foundation is laid in strong manner
  • All training under one roof - The integrated program is designed in such a way that the training for both boards & competitive happen under one roof. This ensures 100% syllabus synchronization between board & competitive curriculum & ensures a stress free learning with maximum productivity for the students
  • Mentoring - Every student needs a guidance from a good mentor to help them to reach to their potential. At Arjunaa Academy, students are provided with individual mentors who patiently listen to them and guide them in a non-judgmental manner. Mentors help students rebuild their confidence when they’re feeling low and remind them about their capabilities and help them in chalking out a realistic plan in their journey to success
  • Taking help from peers - Peer learning can easily broaden a person’s horizon as everyone has something different to offer. Here, you will come across some like-minded students who will embark on a journey to learn and excel like you. Our scrutinizing selection procedure through an entrance test followed by an interview ensures that only students who want to achieve big are part of our program
  • Location - If you prefer to join a PU college that is far from your home, make sure that the college has a good residential facility with sincere students & good faculty who help you during your self-study time as well. Staying in such an environment will help one in studies immensely. If you prefer to stay at home during your PUC, then opt for a PU College with good faculty which is close to your home. This saves travel time & money spent on the hostel & travel. Our Day Scholar Programs are spread various parts across Bangalore such as Vijayanagar, Uttarahalli Road, Kengeri, Ullal Main Road, Vasanthapura Main Road, and we have our Residential Programs at Vijayanagar (Bangalore) and Srirangapatna
  • Class strength - The top colleges have 100 or more students in a class. The attention and concentration levels are diminished. We firmly believe in providing personal attention to all students, hence the class strength shall not exceed 30 students
  • Distractions around college - Students and parents should not just get carried away by big brand names and pay heed to the surroundings around the college such as cinemas, coffee shops, malls, pubs etc. If parents are looking for a conducive learning environment for your children, then Arjunaa Academy is the right place
  • Results - It’s always a good idea to only trust claims that are backed by results. Pick a college that prepares you to face life! Your time at PU is the time to develop skills, learn and become passionate about what you do. Get a brilliant head start and you’ll be able to achieve something big in your professional life. We have a wonderful track record of producing over 1000’s of IITians, NITians, IIITians, Alumni from Bangalore Medical College, KIMS, etc.

What are the advantages of Integrated Residential coaching for IIT JEE, NEET?:

  • Zero distractions -The hostel environment is free from all distractions such as mobiles, internet, social media and provides an environment for focused preparation
  • Teacher assisted self-study time - Our faculty assist students for almost 2.5 hours daily during their self study. This enables students to speed up their preparation & increases their confidence tremendously
  • Hardcopy of study materials according to the latest pattern - The vast variety of questions makes the student competent to face any examination
  • Video solutions for Questions provided in the study material - Enables self learning in a child
  • Accurate online assessment with instant feedback - Our online assessment platforms provide instant feedback to the faculty on the needs of strengths & areas of improvement for every student. This enables us to guide students on the right approach to solve every question & suggest suitable improvement programs for every child
  • Comparative analysis of student’s performance - This enhances the competition and also acts as a barometer for every child

Following are the key features of the Residential Integrated program

FeaturesPackage Details
PU/CBSE Integrated Classes with JEE,NEET Coaching5 days a week
Lab sessions1 day a week
Number of teaching hours per year1800 hours per year
Hard copy of study material and Daily Practice Problems(DPPs)Yes
Test frequencyOnce in 15 days
Cumulative tests & Full Syllabus testsYes
Parents Teachers meetingOnce in two months
Teacher assisted problem solving sessions2.5 hours daily
FacultyIITians, NITians, NEET Toppers 
20% OFF
₹250000 ₹200000

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