Top 10 PU Colleges of Bangalore and India

Top 10 PU Colleges Across India
  •   2022, 10 Feb

Top 10 PU Colleges of Bangalore and India

Pre-University Colleges are referred to as Junior Colleges in some states. These colleges not only impart quality education but also set the stage for selection of professional courses for the student. Hence it is imperative that the education is directional & all encompassing, so that the student is not confused or finds it overbearing as to what to choose.

Thus selection of the correct or appropriate is of high relevance for the student. Here we present a list of Top 10 colleges PU colleges across India. So that it becomes easier to select and get admission with a decent one & not settle for any less.

The city of Bangalore should note that it has been a decade to the PU Colleges here adapting to the CBSE curriculum. As this is considered one of the top-notch curriculum in the country.

St Joseph PU College Bangalore

The quality of education imparting in this college is commendable as it also provides the best professional courses. Students don’t only get prepped up for professional courses, but also get trained to face life with its joys and sorrow. The faculty is also well qualified and friendly, with commitment to teaching with onus. The second name of this college is discipline. The infrastructure is neat & clean. It provides a conducive atmosphere for study with amenities. There are various extra- curricular activities organized to showcase the talent among students. For the prospect student to get shortlisted & then selected in this college is also a matter of pride. As not only is their process rigorous but also cut-off is high. They maintain certain selection criteria like PCMB: 85%, PCME: 89%, PCMC: 88%, CEBA, PEBA, MEBA and SMBA: 75%, HEP: 50%.

Mount Carmel College

This college in Bengaluru is meant primarily for women. To encourage & back higher education among able & yearning women. Its central location in the heart of the city makes it well connected & safe to travel for women. The campus has well equipped & upgraded facilities.

M.S. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce

This renowned institution, located in Bangalore, offers 15 degree full-time courses. It has been accredited by NAAC with Grade “A”. It has gradually moved up rankings across surveys & expert polls conducted. It is equipped with fine facilities for students, faculty & staff for study & refreshment activities.

DAV College Chandigarh

This is an established college in the late 1950s. This co-ed college offers a range of courses from UG to PG & Doctorate. The infrastructure is well-maintained & fabulous. Yet another college accredited with “A” Grade by NAAC, Bangalore. Students usually vie long & hard to get admission to this college.

University College, Kurukshetra University

Located in Haryana, this co-educational institution has been in existence since 1956. This reputed college has well-qualified teaching staff & offers various undergraduate courses across specializations. The university has got a ranking of 8 among the state universities in Category-I by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

REVA College

This college shall complete 20 years of existence & yet in this short time has made a mark for itself with REVA Group of Education Institutions. It is considered by many students as their one-stop destination for their academic agenda pursuits.

Affiliated with Karnataka Pre University Board. It offers courses at graduate & masters level in Arts, Commerce & Science.

Presidency College Mangalore

As a part of Presidency Group of Institutions, this PU College has been in existence since 2006. It has built a reputation of being one of the most sought after college for its cutting edge infrastructure, disciplined approach & result oriented education system. It offers multiple course combinations in science & commerce streams.

Deeksha College

Education is delivered by Deeksha at 20 campuses sprawled across 3 states. The campuses operate in Telangana, Andra Pradesh & Karnataka. Studies are imparted for the scope of students to compete & prepare for Board and Competitive Exams’ such as JEE/NEET/CET along with the regular Board Exam under one roof.

Gnana Jyothi Residential School and PU College

This fully fledged CBSE & Karnataka State affiliated institution offers a caring & orderly environment to the students. Backed by exquisite facilities for the students to not only relax, build their interest in extra-curricular activities & skills. It offers courses mainly in science, commerce & humanities.

MVJ PU College

This co-ed institution is affiliated to Karnataka Board with establishment in year 2013. MVJ College of Engineering or MVJCE has been considered among the top- notch engineering colleges of Bangalore. It also offers 10 other specializations.

Why should students go for these colleges?

A good PU college sets students up for success in their degree education. They provide a strong background in fundamentals, which gives students confidence and clarity for their future goals. A good PU college will also provide enough time for self- study, have strong infrastructure, and experienced teachers who can serve as mentors. For these reasons, the above colleges are the right choice for students.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):


Q 1. What are the eligibility criteria for admission to PU colleges in Karnataka?

  • Students should have completed their 10th standard or SSLC examination from a recognized board.
  • Eligibility criteria may vary among colleges, and some may have specific percentage requirements for admission.

Q 2. How do I apply for admission to a PU college in Karnataka, and what is the admission process like?

  • To apply for admission, students need to fill out the application form available online or from the college office.
  • The admission process usually takes place after the announcement of 10th standard board exam results.
  • Students may need to submit documents like mark sheets, transfer certificate, and passport-sized photographs.
  • Some colleges may conduct entrance tests or interviews as part of the selection process.

Q 3. What are the main streams offered in PU colleges, and how do I choose the right stream for me?

  • The main streams offered are Science, Commerce, and Arts.
  • Choose the stream based on your academic interests, career aspirations, and the subjects you enjoy studying.
  • Seek advice from teachers, counsellors, or parents to make an informed decision.

Q 4. Are there any entrance exams for PU college admissions, and what are the selection criteria?

  • Most PU colleges in Karnataka do not conduct entrance exams for general admissions.
  • Selection is typically based on the students' performance in the 10th standard board exams.

Q 5. What are the subject combinations available in each stream, and can I change my subject combination after admission?

  • Science stream subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology (or optional subjects like Computer Science or Electronics).
  • Commerce stream subjects: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and optional subjects like Mathematics or Computer Science.
  • Arts stream offers various combinations with subjects like History, Political Science, Psychology, etc.
  • Changing subject combinations after admission may be possible, subject to college rules and availability of seats in the desired stream.

Q 6. How are the faculty and teaching quality at these top PU colleges?

  • Reputed PU colleges have well-qualified and experienced faculty members who specialize in their respective subjects.
  • Teachers are dedicated to providing quality education and supporting students' academic growth.
  • Some colleges may invite guest lectures or arrange workshops to enhance students' understanding of specific subjects.

Q 7. What are the facilities and infrastructure available at these PU colleges?

  • Top PU colleges have well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and computer labs.
  • They offer sports facilities, auditoriums, and extracurricular activity areas.
  • Access to modern amenities contributes to a conducive learning environment.

Q 8. How are the sports and extracurricular activities opportunities for students in these colleges?

  • Top PU colleges emphasize extracurricular activities and offer opportunities to participate in sports, cultural events, debates, and more.
  • Engaging in such activities fosters students' creativity, teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Q 9. Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for students in these colleges?

  • Yes, there are various scholarships and financial aid options available for PU college students in Karnataka.
  • Government and private organizations offer scholarships based on academic performance, merit, and socio-economic background.
  • Some colleges may have their own scholarships or fee waiver programs for deserving students.

Q 10. What is the typical class size and student-teacher ratio in these PU colleges?

  • The class size and student-teacher ratio may vary among colleges.
  • Reputed PU colleges often maintain a reasonable student-teacher ratio, allowing for personalized attention and effective learning.

Q 11. How are the results and academic performance of students in these colleges in past years?

  • Top PU colleges have a track record of good academic performance, with many students achieving excellent results in board exams.
  • Past results and achievements are indicative of the colleges' commitment to academic excellence.

Q 12. What are the opportunities for higher education and career guidance provided by these colleges?

  • These colleges offer career counselling and guidance programs to help students make informed decisions about their future education and career paths.
  • Career counsellors provide personalized advice and conduct aptitude tests to assist students in exploring various career opportunities.

Q 13. Do these PU colleges have hostel facilities for outstation students?

  • Some PU colleges may offer hostel facilities or tie-ups with nearby hostels for outstation students.
  • Availability of hostel facilities may vary among colleges, so students should inquire about accommodation options during the admission process.

Q 14. Are there any specific provisions for students with special needs or disabilities?

  • Top PU colleges may have provisions for students with special needs or disabilities.
  • They may provide support services and accessibility measures to ensure an inclusive learning environment.

Q 15. What is the overall campus environment and student life experience in these top PU colleges?

  • The overall campus environment in top PU colleges is conducive to learning and personal development.
  • Students experience a vibrant and engaging campus life with opportunities for academic, cultural, and social growth.


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