The Best Way to Prepare for the NEET/IIT JEE Biology Section

Best Way to Prepare for the NEET/IIT JEE Biology Section
  •   2023, 27 Nov

The Best Way to Prepare for the NEET/IIT JEE Biology Section

NEET exam, as we all know, is a tough one of the medical exams to crack. Which is what makes Biology not only an interesting subject to study but also score. The subject is worth 90 marks to score – with 45 marks each equally distributed in Zoology & Botany. To claim a basic foundation & make a mark in the medical fraternity, one just needs to prepare with the correct approach and a keen interest to explore the diversity of the subject.


So here are a few pointers that shall make for an ideal approach to prepare for NEET JEE Biology:


1) Clarify your concepts- NCERT Books are the apt method to prepare oneself for the NEET Exam. Practise the NCERT questions from the textbooks, as these are the standard face. To bring clarity to the biology concepts, one should concentrate on NEET institute modules as occasionally NCERT lines have found to be confounding as well. To score marks in biology it is not at all advisable to overlook NCERT over training modules.

To get the most out of the subject of Biology, one should make one’s own transcribed notes where one can make stream graphs and identify alternative routes to learn important topics.


2) Comprehend your syllabus well – Split the syllabus for biology into 3 sections, so that preparation is convenient and prioritised.

The definite do – This section includes questions from topics such as animal respiration, reproduction & development, animal nutrition, ecology & more.

Time justified topics – Chapters which come under this purview include the Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Echinoderms, Microbes & Origin of Life, Biodiversity, Growth Repair & Regeneration to name a few.

Now or Never: The essential topics covered here are photosynthesis, cell structure, plant nutrition, genetics monera, plant morphology, plant kingdom etc.


3) A common pattern of study observed among the top rankers of NEET are that of referring to the previous year question papers. These could reflect the general question pattern followed and the type of queries which are posed from any particular section. Practice solving these papers & within the timeframe set. If there are any unresolved queries, reach out to experts & get these sorted.


4) Be alert & agile to all the examples & topics given in NCERT along with the common names. Prepare with complete attention, topics which are time-consuming & exhaustive such as Plantae & Animalia. Sufficient emphasis should also be laid on Chordates of class levels & Phylum in Non-chordates. These would require intense understanding & rigorous reading.


5) Maintain a habit of tabulating your study in the form of charts & notes of names while studying biology so that this concise & visual info shall make it easier to recollect at the time of exam. If you have to go back to these for revision, prior to exam, it is more convenient.


6) Some chapters would need to be memorized – these include, Morphology, Anatomy & Biodiversity etc. Regular or periodic study of these chapters shall serve the purpose of nailing these exams!

The subjects or sections in NEET Biology that should form the base of your exam prep are Human physiology, Plant physiology, Ecology, and so on. Prepare for these thoroughly to fetch good grades in exams.


7) Practice MCQs – Do not at all disregard the practice of MCQs in Biology. While some may consider it as not required in comparison to Physics & Chemistry. Keep MTG NCERT handy to wrap up studies for NEET Biology.


These are some suggestions that shall help you raise the bar of studying & preparing for NEET Biology. You are of course free to customize these tips that shall suit your needs. The only point that cannot be compromised on is to study from NCERT books of Biology for NEET exam


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