The Most Important Topics for JEE Mains Preparation in 2024.

JEE Mains 2024 Important Topics
  •   2023, 30 Oct

The Most Important Topics for JEE Mains Preparation in 2024.

Is qualitative study required for the JEE Main? Is it possible to pass JEE Main with acceptable scores if a candidate can answer critical JEE Main questions? Students are often stressed as a result of their poor learning methods. Furthermore, with less than a month till the JEE Main exam, JEE candidates must expedite the process of preparing. Because the JEE Main syllabus is relatively vast, it becomes difficult for JEE candidates to cover each topic during the final time review. So, here are a few key themes for JEE Main 2024 that will improve your chances of selection with a high AIR.


Important JEE Main Chemistry Topics


This has typically been the most straightforward portion of the JEE Main paper over the years. Most of the problems in this part are theoretical in nature, and the numerical base questions are likewise basic, typically resolved using basic formulas. While the physical chemistry questions are mostly numerical in nature, the rest of the organic and physical chemistry questions are theoretical.






Chemical Kinetics

Order of Reaction, Arrhenius Equation


Thermodynamic laws, enthalpy, and entropy


The terms conductivity and conductance are used interchangeably. Cell and battery Faraday's laws, Nernst equation, and Kohlrausch's law are all examples of physical laws.

Coordination Compounds

Coloration, Isomerism, and Nomenclature

Chemical Bonding

Hybridization, VSEPR, and Molecular orbital theory


Important JEE Main Physics Topics


The difficulty of this portion ranges from moderate to complex. To do well in this portion, you must have a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. It mainly consists of numerical base questions drawn from several chapters, necessitating close attention to units when forming replies. Furthermore, the questions go into a broad spectrum of legislation, putting your knowledge to the test.





Modern Physics

Nuclear Physics, photoelectric effect, Bohr H atom, De Broglie wavelength


Young's double-slit experiment demonstrates reflection and refraction.




Gravitation, Rigid Body Dynamics, Simple Harmonic Motion, Fluid Mechanics, Waves, Kinematics, Newton's Laws of Motion, Conservation of Momentum, Work Energy and Power,

Electricity and Magnetism

Kirchhoff's laws, Biot-Savart's law, Ampere's law, and electromagnetic induction are all examples of electromagnetic induction.


Important JEE Main Mathematics Topics


The Mathematics Portion has regularly been shown to be the most challenging component of the JEE Main test over the years. The questions in this area require a significant amount of time to resolve, as well as a thorough understanding of ideas. This department's questions are all at a high level, and none of them depend exclusively on direct formulas. Mathematics, trigonometrical series, and sequence are among the critical concepts that dominate this part.





Probability and Permutations & Combinations

Event probability, addition and multiplication Probability theorems,  permutation as an arrangement, Baye's theorem, and combination as a section Simple applications of P (n,r) and C (n,r)

Definite Integrals

The use of formulas, Direct indefinite solving followed by putting the limits, by parts, recursion, and area under curves

Matrices and Determinants

Matrices, matrix order, row and column matrix Two-matrices multiplication, Matrix multiplication properties, A matrix's transposition, A matrix's transpose conjugate and properties

Vectors and 3D Geometry

Section Formula, Direction Cosines and Direction Ratio, Angle Between Two Lines, Equations for a Line in Space, Shortest Distance Between Two Lines

Co-ordinate Geometry

Axes of Coordination, Distance between Two Points, Section Formula, Centroid



Wrapping It Up


JEE's Main crucial chapters require students to prioritize understanding specific essential topics in order to excel in the exam. Mathematics, trigonometric series, and sequence are among the essential topics that arise repeatedly in the most difficult questions. While the Mathematics Division has consistently proven to be the most challenging over the years, solid conceptual knowledge and enough practice are essential for success.


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