Here are 5 Effective Tips to Memorize Physics and Chemistry Formulas

Five Effective Tips to Memorize Physics and Chemistry Formulas
  •   2022, 17 Aug

Here are 5 Effective Tips to Memorize Physics and Chemistry Formulas

Are you intimidated looking at the fancy formulas in your physics and chemistry textbooks? Well, we have got you covered. The following article lists a few tips for you to memorize your physics and chemistry formulas to ace your exams.


1. Understand the Derivation

Derivations help identify the logic behind the concepts of chemistry and physics to enhance their application. Dig deep into the derivation of formulas to understand the process behind them. This will make it easier for you to remember whether the formula that you have used is correct or not. Moreover, if you forget the formula during the exam, you can derive the formula on the spot and use it in your problems.


2. Develop an Interest in the Subject

It is very important to develop an interest in physics and chemistry if you want to ace the exams. Lack of interest will hamper your focus. This way, you will end up forcing yourself into mugging up formulas that could be dangerous in the long run.


3. Keep Practicing

Practice makes you perfect! When you practice sums using formulas, your mind understands the application of the formulas and helps remember them. It is truly said; that repetition leads to memorization. Solve multiple questions and you will see results in no time.


4. Use Visual Memory

When you attach concepts to visual memory, it makes it easier to remember them. Connecting a visual to each concept that you wish to learn makes it simpler to recollect later. Try applying the same strategy with your formulas, and it will surely work.


5. Make Notes

It is a task to always turn pages when you have to recollect a formula while solving sums. To save yourself from this task, simply write down all the formulas in one place. This will make it easier for you to cross-check while solving sums. By doing so, you can also go through all the formulas quickly before your exam begins.

Below are the common tips to be fresh, active and keep your mind stable while studying or in examination.

Sleep Well

It is important to maintain a good sleep schedule in order for your brain to remember things. A good night’s sleep will help your mind be fresh and will accelerate the process of remembering formulas.


Eat Healthy Food

Stay away from unhealthy snacking while studying. Have lots of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks as it has a huge effect on your brain. Eating unhealthy food can make you feel lethargic which could hamper your knowledge grasping power.


Keep Distractions Away

While studying, make sure to not get easily distracted by your mobile phone or other electronics. Keep designated time for studying and other things. This way, you will not lose focus and will be able to learn better.

Now that you have these smart tips to learn your formulas easily, start using them and make this learning process a habit for better results! Keep your brain relaxed and you will be able to concentrate better and increase your productivity! Hope this article has helped you.
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