Data Science - The Future of Technology

Data Science is Future Technology
  •   2022, 07 Sep

Data Science - The Future of Technology

Data Science - as defined by industry professionals, is a study of applying techniques and principles to extract valuable information from data for actionable insights and strategic planning. This data can act like a gold mine of information that enables businesses to get insights into the audience's psyches. With proper analysis, a data scientist can extract Information about people's choices, what they want and how they want it.

Now, data science has been a promising career option for the past few years. Apart from the increasing importance of data and the requirement to refine it, there are several other factors that attract more and more students into pursuing this career option. Let’s dive deep into some most common questions about data science.


What are the Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist?

There are a few basic skills that one must have to pursue data science as their career. But first, you must have an appetite for data. With that being in place, there are a few skills you must ace to become a successful data scientist. They are;


1. Programming Languages

It is important for a data scientist to have keen knowledge of programming languages that include Python, Mat lab, SQL, R Programming, SAS, out of the many. These help you to manipulate data and apply sets of algorithms whenever required. Moreover, these will also help you organize unstructured data sets.


2. Understanding Statistics

Data Scientists need to familiarize themselves to advanced statistical concepts. They need to identify methods suitable for their case. Statistics allow to provide data-driven solutions that help evaluate experiments.


3. Linear Algebra and Calculus

Linear algebra and calculus are among the basic mathematics skills one needs to have to become a data scientist.


4. Data Wrangling

Being a Data Scientist, you will also have to learn to work with imperfect data. It comes across as a useful skill to have when there is no organization to data and in companies where the product is not oriented to a data-driven approach.


5. Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Having deep knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence is very crucial to implement techniques in various logic, decision trees, etc. Having these skill sets will allow you to work and solve complex problems that are specially designed for predictions or for deciding future goals.


How Can One Qualify to Become a Data Scientist?

Data scientist qualifications mainly include an advanced degree in data analysis or Data Science. Additionally, to become a data scientist, you must have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline, such as Computer science, Business information systems, Economics, Mathematics, Information Management, and Statistics. The course eligibility differs at various levels. Hence, make sure to check the course details before applying for it.

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