A New Approach to Learning - Arjunaa Academy

A New Approach to Learning
  •   2022, 31 Mar

A New Approach to Learning - Arjunaa Academy

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy.

At Arjunaa Academy, we visualise to help students become leaders in the field of education to create a sustainable, self-sufficient community. We are committed to offer quality experiences to our students by providing the best personalized training programmes through online and offline support. Our all-inclusive programmes - JEE (Main + Advanced), JEE (Main), Pre-Medical (NEET-UG), KVPY, Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class VIII to X, NTSE & Olympiads) & Boards(CBSE, ICSE & State) – help students become leaders of the near tomorrow.

In the new era of technology, it is inevitable to not talk about infusing it in education. Digitalization has enabled teachers of Arjunaa Academy to create more engaging, interactive and flexible learning materials that help students learn in a better way. Moreover, this has fed curious minds to opt for task based learning. Many students take great interest in Project based learning as it helps them to investigate the problem and make independent decisions. Integrating concept based projects with life skills also helps boost the learning process. Moreover, with technological advancements, our students can quickly go through video solutions, look at recordings of live classes, get comparative analysis of their performance, receive accurate feedback on their online assessment, and much more.

Our teaching ethics are designed to focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge that helps instil a vigour for curiosity in our students. We aim to treat our students like professionals and care for them like parents. This helps us offer education that is relevant and exciting for students. At Arjunaa Academy, we stress on the importance of values and character along with core competency to churn out responsible citizens of our Nation.

To conclude, we at Arjunaa Academy resonate with curious and creative learners who strive to attain new milestones under the inspiring guidance of their ever inspired facilitators.


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