6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for IIT JEE

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for IIT JEE
  •   2022, 22 Jun

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for IIT JEE

When you are preparing for JEE, you surely have a focused mindset and a strategy to achieve your goal. However, sometimes, even after meticulous planning, you might find yourself making certain mistakes that can hinder your progress towards scoring well . To help you avoid this, we have listed down 10 common mistakes that students generally make while preparing for IIT JEE.

1. Not sticking to the syllabus
Many students make the mistake of wasting their time and energy on topics that generally do not appear in the exam. It’s important for you to focus only on JEE syllabus to score well in the examination.

2. Not following a schedule
Students who do not have a proper schedule in place tend to waste their quality time on other unnecessary activities. A balanced schedule helps you remain focused on your studies. It is important to create a proper schedule to cope up the large syllabus

3. Measuring progress with number of hours studied
It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in studying , if you are unable to focus or apply your mind. If you have not absorbed the information, studying for long hours is pointless. Count the number of topics you were able to understand, the number of sums you were able to solve. This is a better way to check how much you have improved.

4. Not studying the difficult chapters
: Students generally tend to skip difficult chapters after getting demotivated, thinking they won’t be able to understand them. But doing so can cause you much trouble.. It is ideal to first Always tackle the difficult topics and then go for the easier ones. To understand concepts better, you can also attend online lectures from experienced lecturers.

5. Not taking care of your health
Many students stop taking care of their health while studying for the JEE exams. They do not eat properly sleep enough. They also don’t take sufficient breaks to refresh their minds. This unhealthy behavior will negatively impact your exam preparations. Study hard, but also ensure you live a balanced lifestyle with exercise, regular, healthy meals, and get enough rest so you are in the right frame of mind to give your exam.

6. Not clearing doubts
If you have doubts, don’t be afraid to approach your teachers about them. Get regular clarifications for your doubts so you can keep up with the scope of the syllabus and not get overwhelmed.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you can excel at JEE and achieve your academic goals
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