3 Things You Must Bear in Mind Before Giving JEE Advanced Entrance Exam

3 Things you Must Keep in Mind Before Giving JEE Advanced Entrance Exam
  •   2022, 21 Apr

3 Things You Must Bear in Mind Before Giving JEE Advanced Entrance Exam

Planning to appear for one of the most challenging exams in India? Well, this article is just the one for you!

Many aspirants get easily overwhelmed looking at the syllabus of JEE Advanced exam and hearing about it from people around. Yes, the JEE Advanced entrance exam is a bit difficult, but it may not be as tough as you may think it is. Candidates can clear the exam easily with dedication, unyielding motivation and a good strategic plan. But in addition to that, there are a few things the candidates need to keep in mind before giving the JEE Advanced exam to be thoroughly prepared. Read on to learn more.

1. Time management is the key
It is important to learn the skill of time management to crack the JEE exam. Solve mock tests and previous year’s papers to understand how much time you will require to complete the exam. While you give tests, allot specific time to each section and aim on finishing the same within that duration. Doing this regularly will help improve your speed and accuracy. Additionally, try to create a realistic approach as it will be of great help while you appear for your exam. For instance, if the actual time of the exam is at 3 pm, then you should give your mock test at 3 pm as it will help you get habituated to the schedule and you will not face any uncertain situations during your exam.

2. Juggling with topics is to be avoided
Sometimes, students tend to juggle between topics just to have a quicker understanding of concepts at once. However, this may seem like a quick way to study, but it may not prove to be a quite effective one. It is important for students to complete one topic at a time and then move on to the other one while preparing for their JEE Advanced entrance exam. This habit will help you learn thoroughly and be prepared for each topic. Moreover, Juggling between topics can lead to unwanted confusion. This way, you may also tend to forget things that you are confident of.

3. Mental and physical health is of great importance
While preparing for the exam, students often tend to skip their meals or follow a bad sleeping pattern. If you want to crack your exam well, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Getting a good sleep will relax your mind and help improve your ability to remember concepts. Whereas, following a proper diet will help you stay focused and feel energetic. In addition to this, it is also important to remain calm and composed during your exam so that you remain motivated to crack the JEE Advanced exam. Moreover, it is also important to take frequent breaks at proper intervals to refresh your mind from all the studying. This way, you will be able to focus more on your studies.

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