JEE,NEET CET Aspirants

  •   2023, 04 Sep

JEE,NEET CET Aspirants

Very few succeed because they are DESTINED to,a vast majority succeed because they are DETERMINED to


Day 3:a day which more or less sets the tone for rest of the week till Day 7 is about to get over!

Hope your determination to undo all wrongs,laziness & distractions isnt over though the day is about to

Have you improved on your understanding level of the topics you have chosen in these 3 days?

Can YOU write the important features of the topics you have read so far as if it's YOUR TOPIC & not DC Pandey's or NCERT's?

Are you now able to better comprehend the language of the examiner?

Can you now say to your parents with every bit of confidence in your voice that you are putting every bit of your atomic best efforts towards achieving your aims?

You tend to find Mistakes always in external factors/circumstances but LOSS will always be yours,you can't disown it

BEWARE: Don't give any attention whatsoever to "family" & "best friends" who try to dissuade you from putting your efforts saying "Why are you doing so much now,there is still time?","Its not your cup of tea,do reconsider" etc

You dont want good-boy,good-girl obedience and manners points do you? Cut these toxic conversations from "best friends,family" mercilessly

Do your best forget the rest!

10% of your Ist Phase of Concept Enhancement is Over (3 days),90% of the battle yet to be fought valiantly,with the fire of your purpose in your hearts (ofcourse you shall win)