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KCET Coaching 2 Year Integrated Classroom Course in Vasanthapura, Bangalore

Born & brought up in Karnataka?

Well,you have a great chance to make it big with your engineering & medical dreams! Latest suvey shows Karnataka boasts of having the highest number of prestigious engineering and medical colleges: government & private alike,compared to other states of our nation. Karnataka CET I your ticket to get admission into these colleges and @AAA your KCET aspirations shall be moulded in just the perfect way towards enabling you to answer most questions you face @KCET WITHIN MINUTE EACH!

Nimma Vikasana,Namma Dhyeya:with our integrated training offers you the boards coaching which shall help you to go as close as you can towards grabbing centums 100/100 in science & Math,isn’t that amazing?

KCET-2 Year Vikasana Course- Integrated classroom course

We take pride in developing the materials with the highest total number of challenging questions in PCMB, nearly 21500+, HIGHEST offered by any institute IN THE KARNATAKA STATE, designed for the ultimate relevant practice of our KCET-Aspirants

Subject No. of modules No. of Chapters No. of questions*
Physics 2 30 4000+ (approx)
Chemistry 2 32 3500+ (approx)
Mathematics 2 28 3500+ (approx)
Biology 3 38 10500+ (approx)
Total 30 100 21500+ (approx)

Launchpad Tests

Cracking a question in less than 60 seconds asks a lots of practice from an aspirant. Only Tests shall help in this regard: regular,relevant,timed tests! With an array of chapter wise and cumulative tests, with the optimum test frequency (daily, weekly, quarterly and monthly) designed according to the latest weightage and format of chapters in KCET & Boards, we spare no efforts in making the aspirants regularly revise and constantly assess their understanding, their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately always seek to compete with themselves, improve consistently and embrace SUCCESS IN KCET!

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It's a fantastic place to learn. Here teachers make sure you understand the concepts and excel in it. Regular lab sessions and tests are conducted to enrich student's qualities. A place like Arjunaa Academy, you not only get towards academics, but also learn cultural and moral values. The best place I've experienced to spend quality time in learning.