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Privacy And Terms


  • No user may share any confidential data pertaining to the institute in print, video or digital form either directly or indirectly as it is the wholesome proprietary of the institute which is not publicly available.
  • No user may reproduce, tamper or modify any confidential data pertaining to the institute in print, video or digital form either directly or indirectly as it is the wholesome proprietary of the institute.
  • The user shall return and not retain copies of any confidential data that he/she is not entitled to in any form whatsoever after the completion of course.
  • Confidential information also refers to all the information and documents disclosed or submitted or developed, orally, in writing or by any other media (whether designated as confidential or not), by the institute, either directly or indirectly (including through its company, employees or agents) to the user during the tenure of the course. All such information and documents include without limitation - financial plans and records of employees, ideas, business plans and strategies, relationships with third parties, information relating to suppliers, founders, employees and affiliates, business channels data, material, products - technical data, know-how, research, formulae, processes, methods, technology, IT systems, computer software programs and descriptions of functions and features of software, source code etc. -present and proposed products, trade secrets, designs, drawings, trademarks, patents, prototypes, samples, products, product plans, specifications, manuals, unpublished research, work – in – progress -advertising programs, planning and merchandising strategies, marketing, pricing, sales, marketing information, facilities, customer information, employee information, financial and legal information, teaching strategies, inventions, negotiations, discussions, content developed, questions developed, ideas developed by institute that is not made public.
  • The user shall provide honest feedbacks, reviews & comments on all public and private forums and shall not indulge in providing fake reviews, feedbacks, comments that would tarnish the image of the institute.
  • Attendance to classes, tests, PTMs and mentoring sessions is mandatory. In case if the student is unable to make it for unavoidable reasons, it should be done with prior intimation and approval by his/her mentor.
  • Students should be punctual to classes be it the AAA Centre or its partner schools or colleges. The basic discipline should strictly be followed and uniform is a must at the schools (as per school norms) and for the center students should come with uniform (if applicable) or decent dress with AAA pull over on. Those who do not adhere to these guidelines shall not be allowed to attend the class.
  • AAA reserves the right to alter the content and delivery of the program in conjunction with its partner schools or colleges if it feels the changes are good for the students.
  • AAA reserves the right to conduct online classes as appropriate if the situation demands, again keeping the students’ progress as the main focus.
  • In case if the student is not working hard, indiscipline, using unfair means in the classroom, not regular to the classes, not responding to the faculty, wrongly influencing other students even after repeated reminders/warnings/notifications by the faculty to the student and his/her parents, AAA reserves right to expel them from the batch/AAA. The decision of AAA would be final in this regard, no fee shall be refunded in such cases.
  • If the student is absent continuously for more than 2 weeks without prior notification and approval by the mentor or faculty, he/shall not be allowed to participate in classes/tests and would be expelled from AAA and no fee shall be refunded in such cases.
  • Ragging, in any form is strictly prohibited at the AAA center premises as well its partner schools/colleges. Any student involved in such actions would be expelled from AAA without excuses or warnings and no fee shall be refunded in such cases.
  • Student admission to the integrated program is provisional and final acceptance depends on the admission requirements of the school offering the integrated program. This may involve students' academic record of X Std. such as attendance, performance in mid-term, preparatory and board exams. If the student does not meet the requirements of the integrated program, he/she can choose to join the other integrated programs offered by AAA or evening batches assuming he meets that criteria or withdraw his/her admission. Any difference in fees would be adjusted accordingly by AAA. If the new fee is more than the original fee, admission would be confirmed only after students make the payment of the difference amount. If the new fee is less than original, the difference in amount would be refunded by AAA within two weeks.
  • Change of phone number, address and/or email id (of both student and parent) should be communicated to AAA immediately to avoid any miscommunication between AAA and the students.
  • Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the AAA center as well as its partner schools or colleges.
  • If the student participates in any other competitive exams not offered by AAA or its partner school or colleges, he should provide all the relevant details including his admission card details, exam date and venue. This is required by AAA to ensure students are focusing on the main subjects and these extra activities do not negatively impact the student performance.
  • Parents who do not use the transport facility offered by AAA or its partner schools or colleges, should ensure to drop and pick up the student at the right time. AAA or its partner schools or colleges are not responsible for the safety of students beyond class hours. However, any delays can be communicated in advance to AAA or its partner schools or colleges, so they can make arrangements to monitor the students till they are picked by the parents. Also, students must not get engaged in any activity that dents the image of AAA while representing AAA or its partnered schools or colleges both inside & outside the premises.
  • Students should safeguard their personal belongings. AAA or its partner schools or colleges will not be responsible for any losses.
  • In addition to regular PTMs, parents who wish to discuss with the faculty about the student, can meet the faculty with prior appointment only.
  • Parents are responsible for continuous monitoring of their wards and their registrations to various exams be it board or competitive. AAA will provide all the necessary details well in advance, but shall not be held responsible for any misses by the student or the parent. AAA will organize a drive for bulk registration for NEET, JEE Mains & JEE Advanced.
  • AAA reserves the right to use the photograph of top performers for its marketing purposes.
  • Fee & Refund Policies:
    • The fee paid is for one year only.
    • For the integrated programs, the fees for the partner school or college shall be paid directly to the school or college by the student as per their norms. AAA will not be responsible for any deviations/differences between the students or its partner school or colleges and students should settle that with them directly.
    • Scholarship/discounted Fees: AAA recognizes and rewards talent. Students opting for JEE or NEET or JEE+NEET Programs are eligible for attractive fee discounts based on their academic performance in 9th and 10th (till mid-term), their AAA test score & the interview. The discounts are non-negotiable, applicable for AAA Course fee only and it would be as per the below table. (It can’t be clubbed with other discounts of AAA)
      Student performance AAA test (70% weightage), Academic Performance (20% weightage) & Interview (10% weightage) Scholarship discount
      >= 95% 70% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 90% < 95% 60% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 85% < 90% 50% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 80% < 85% 40% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 75% < 80% 30% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 70% < 75% 20% of the AAA Course fee
      >= 65% < 70% 10% of the AAA Course fee
      Note: Attractive discounts available for extraordinary academic talent viz. NTSE Scholars, Olympiad Zonal Toppers, NSTSE State Toppers etc. on submitting the proof.
    • The entire AAA fee should be paid at the time of admission via online payments or cheque addressed to “Arjunaa Academy for Achievers, Bangalore”. Students may be allowed to pay it in two installments depending on necessary approvals by AAA Management, but by submitting the post-dated cheque for the same. The first installment should be at least 60% of total AAA fees and the second installment should be paid within three to six months from the beginning of the academic year with prior approvals from AAA Management. Failure to do so, students will not be allowed to attend the classes or participate in tests until the payments are made.
    • In case if the student chooses to withdraw from the program, he/she will formally need to submit an application to AAA and its partner school or college. For the fees paid to the school or college, AAA shall not be held responsible and it will be according to the policies of that school or college. The deduction of fees would be as stated below and the duration will be considered from the date of the beginning of the batch for the current academic year.
      *The date of receipt of student application for withdrawal **Amount deducted from AAA Course fee
      Before the batch commences 10% of the Course fee
      Within two weeks from the start date 25% of the Course fee
      Between two weeks and four weeks 40% of the Course fee
      Between four weeks and six weeks 60% of the Course fee
      Between six weeks and eight weeks ***80% of the course fee.
      After eight weeks ***100% of the course fee.
      * The date of receipt of a student application for withdrawal would be considered as the basis for refunds. ** AAA Course fee is the amount of fees paid by the student for the given year to AAA. (In a two year program there will be separate course fees for each year). *** If the student had paid only the first installment and it is less than the amount indicated above, the difference will have to be paid by the student without fail in order to procure the required documents from AAA as well as it’s partnered school or college.
    • If a batch gets cancelled, 100% Course fee would be refunded to the student by AAA
    • Any deviations from the above policies must be approved by the CEO for processing the refund. The decision of the CEO would be final in this regard
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  • The student & parent must submit a passport size photograph, his/her ID Proof, Address Proof along with student’s academic documents at the time of admission. Students should also email the soft copy of the photograph to admissions@aaaedu.in
  • In case of any dispute/disagreement between student/parent and AAA regarding the interpretation of the terms and conditions mentioned above, the same shall be referred to an Arbitrator who shall be appointed by the CEO, AAA, if any, shall be under the jurisdiction of the court in Bengaluru city only.