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Right Time to Join IIT, JEE Coaching

The Right Time to Join IIT JEE Coaching

What is the ideal time to send your children for coaching?

Author : Arjunaa Academy for Achievers

Published on : 16-12-2021

IIT-JEE Exam is considered as the most challenging engineering entrance examination all over the world. Cracking IIT JEE requires meticulous planning, dedicated preparation and concentrated study. Parents and students consider joining IIT-JEE coaching classes, which is the need of the hour to excel. But when is the right time to join a coaching class? Let’s take a look at the options.

Starting from Class 9

At this stage, students have plenty of time as the school syllabus is not vast. A serious aspirant should focus on developing key skills such as conceptual clarity, agile & accurate problem solving ability, analytical & logical reasoning, & discipline & time management. Nurturing these skills at this stage will benefit the student as it forms a systematic study routine. An exposure to competitive exams like NTSE, NSTSE and Olympiads will certainly give them an extra edge.

Starting from Class 11

Better late than never. Starting your preparation from Class 11 gives you 2 full years of time to master the entire syllabus in a stress-free manner. A rigorous IIT-JEE preparation will certainly enhance the Class XI & XII Board exam results too

Starting from Class 12

This is not highly recommended since almost 50% of the JEE Exam syllabus are Class 11 topics. With the additional pressure of Class XII Board exams, the student may find it hard to devote time for JEE Preparation

We believe that starting preparation from class 9 is a good way to introduce students to the subject matter without overwhelming them - there is ample time to study and excel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

When can I Join IIT JEE coaching?

Joining coaching from 8 th , 9 th , or 10 th  is good to crack IIT JEE. The benefit of joining from a younger age is that there is more time to prepare, and more importantly, to develop life-skills like time management and logical thinking. Students who start preparing from a younger age develop a solid foundation that makes it more straightforward to understand tough topics in a subject.

When should we join JEE main coaching?

You can join JEE Mains coaching from 8 th , 9 th , or 10 th  standard. If your foundations are very strong, and your problem-solving ability is well-developed, you may even be able to join during 11 th /12 th , but it is much harder to cope with the syllabus if you join later. It is advisable to start coaching from a younger age to develop a solid foundation and life skills like analytical thinking and time management.

Can I join IIT coaching after 12?

It is possible to start JEE coaching during 12 th , but it would be much harder due to the time pressure. Students who have strong foundational concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths need not worry as it will be easier for them to catch up.

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