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Five things to Remember While Selecting the Best PU CBSE Colleges

Five things to remember when choosing the best PU colleges in Bangalore

Author : Arjunaa Academy for Achievers

Published on : 18-11-2021

Going to a PU (Pre-university) college is an exciting time for any student. This period is a good time to focus on their future and prepare for important exams like NEET, JEE, etc. There are many good options for PU colleges today, so here are five things to keep in mind when choosing where to send your child.

Teaching Quality

The single most important factor is the quality of teachers in the institution. Teachers should be able to explain complex subjects in an engaging manner. Practical demonstrations like experiments, interesting examples, and easy-to-understand explanations are required.


Good infrastructure is important for a comfortable, all-round learning experience. Lab sessions are vital. Also it’s good to find out what the short-term development plan for the infrastructure is.

Competitive Exam Coaching

The college should be able to prepare the student for upcoming competitive exams. There should be synchronization between the syllabi for board exams and competitive exams.


The PU course should allot some time for self-study, where students take charge of their schedule and practice areas where they are weaker.


Mentors who connect with students are able to guide them in their studies more closely. Interacting with current students is a good way to find out if the institution has good mentors.

A PU college can be a formative experience for many students, so it’s always important to conduct due diligence before enroling your child in one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I choose a PU college?

You should always choose a PU college on the basis of certain criteria, such as: quality of teachers, infrastructure, mentoring, affordability, and competitive exam coaching. A good PU college will also give you ample time to self-study, while minimizing distractions. The teachers will be experienced and passionate about educating young minds. A PU college should also offer on-campus coaching for competitive exams.

How many PU colleges are there in Karnataka?

As of 2017, Karnataka has 5004 PU colleges. (Source)

Which is the top most PU College in Karnataka?

Some of the top PU Colleges in Karnataka are:

  1. Charans Pre-University College
  2. Indian Academy Pre-University College
  3. St Joseph’s Pre-University College

What are the subjects in PU College?

PU colleges offer various subjects based on Science, Commerce, and Arts streams, respectively. Many PUs offer subject combinations such as PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology), PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science), etc and integrated courses. The type of subjects you choose will depend on your future goals.

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