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JEE,NEET CET Aspirants
The road to excellence doesn't know EXCUSES

Author : Chirag S (Pursuing PhD at IISc, Bangalore)

Published on : 04-09-2023

Day 2 (not a "Saturday"/Weekend mind you) is just about to get exhausted

Did you make a difference to your confidence level and conceptual understanding level?

Are you finally realising how much time you have wasted?

September is the month which decides how many aspirants eventually become achievers,if you let September slip through your hands just like you let the months so far, don't be shocked to see a number like 98765 just beside the phrase All India Rank/State Rank

Tears of Pain>Tears of Regret

Rewire your brain, mould your brain to the language and concepts of PCMB

NTA will not care about how many hours you studied "I studied 20 hrs a day, slept for 4 hrs" etc would fetch you only sympathy from your family and friends, but not a seat at NIT/IIT/AIIMS

Give your brain the rest it deserves, give your body the nutrition, nourishment & exercise it deserves, go to bed as a winner and wake up so much refreshed that you win the war of Day 3 (tomorrow)

Carry forward/increase the momentum of the two Days to the third and beyond

If you don't/can't, you will have a excuse (Demotivation, physical illness, family disturbance etc) but you will be one step farther from your dream, one step closer to cheating yourself, your parents and teachers that you are actually studying

No Excuses in journey towards Excellence

All the best!

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